FBC Daytona Beach

Family Fun in:

    Living out our faith

    What We Believe:

    Our mission is to Live Out Our Faith as Real People in a Real World with a Real God. We have adopted The Baptist Faith and Message 2000 as a comprehensive statement of our doctrinal convictions.

    What We Pursue:

    • LIVE: We believe that real life is found only in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
    • LEARN: We believe that the Bible is God's perfect Word and must be the lens through which we view our world and understand our lives.
    • LOVE: We believe that God saves and equips people with spiritual gifts that enable them to live purposeful lives.
    • LEAD: We believe that Christians must invest their lives in the lives of others to lead them to embrace Jesus Christ more passionately and to pursue the glory of God more fervently.