NEXT YES to god!

We trust that this next year will present numerous opportunities to share Jesus and our lives with the people in the places where we live, work, and play. We are convinced that before we can be used by God we must be close to God. As we enter 2023, we are prayerfully seeking the Lord. It is vital that we create space to meet personally with the Lord so that we might hear from Him and understand his heart for those far from Him. 

We invite you to join us on a journey in this coming year as we  intentionally pause daily to spend time His Word and to develop habits of obedience.  During the course of this year, the resources on this page will serve as a guide for our journey. 

January Prayer Focus: 

Refuel Conference, Feb 5-8

During January we are praying for revival. Specifically, we are preparing our hearts for the Refuel Conference with Life Action Ministries. As we walk together towards the conference, we will focus on several themes during worship gatherings.  There are five major prayer points listed below that we encourage you to include in your daily prayer times. The prayer points coincide with the major themes for the month of January.

Ask the Lord daily...

  • ...For renewed hope.
  • ...For courage in difficult times.
  • ...To reveal any idols that impede your worship.
  • ...To expose any bitterness toward others because of past wrongs.
  • ...To increase your love for others.
  • ...To restore a heart of praise in your life.

We eagerly await to see how the Lord will work in our hearts personally and corporately. We give Him all the praise and honor in advance!



Did you miss any Services from the week of Life Action? You can watch them all here by clicking the link:

Watch Refuel Conference



Life Action Ministries, a ministry partner of First Daytona, publishes a daily devotion and a daily prayer point. These two resources are created to inspire your next yes to God! We invite you to access these resources by downloading the Life Action mobile app. The app is available by scanning the code or by using the appropriate link below.

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